PAS Recording

I am now a fully qualified Portable Antiquities Scheme public recorder. Hurrah!

Only 1 of 4 people in the EastAngian Region I am led to believe…Thanks to my FLO Helen Fowler and Sam Moorhead at the BM for their patience and training…you can see my first coin record here:

…and here is a picture of my Licinius, a copper alloy nummus (AD308 to 324), (Reece Period 16). Obverse: IMPLIC INIUSAVG. Laureate and draped bust right. Reverse: DOMINI.N.LICINAVG around wreath enclosing VOT / X.X. Mint: AQS – Aquileia

Dimensions: Diameter: 19.21mm; Thickness1.63mm; Weight 2.6g



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  1. Really enjoy your blog and hope you get chance to post some more finds stuff. I think we search the same fields too as people stop me and ask ‘Do you know Dominic?” to which I reply, ‘no, but I read his detecting blog!’. Great to hear you’ve found time to be a finds recorder. Helen (Fowler) is one very busy individual.

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