Harlton Early Medieval Finds….

With everything under crop or water (!) at the moment I took the chance to visit some pasture I have permission on last weekend.I only had a couple of hours but had some good results….

First to pop out of the saturated clay was a lovely mid 13th Century vesica-shaped lead seal matrix. The intaglio device is an eight-pointed star incised into the central region. Unfortunately I have not got any wax or clay to make an impression so I cant decipher the legend. The back of the seal has a moulded-in-relief fleur-de-lys, and an integral lug at one end.

13th Century Lead Seal….but who owned it….?

Fleur De Lys reverse on 13th Centruty Lead Seal

The next item rescued out of the sludge was of a very similar date was a lovely hand made thimble…it’s a thrill to pick something up that was lost 700 years ago and last sat on a peasants finger as “she” did her sowing….magical….

Bee Hive Thimble – Hand Made 13-14th Century

IMG_5208Then another object was unearthed – possibly a trade weight or an Apothecary’s weight…it is has unusual design on its face – cross lines run horizontally and vertically. There is then a heart shaped device on the vertical angle with two pellets in the dissected lower quadrants….I will research the device as it may relate to a old Harlton Family..

All of these were found in about a 20m squared area of pasture, its what we call a “sweet spot” in the trade….no Hammered coins yet…but with such domestic/commercial finds…you can bet they are there!


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  1. Hi Dominic.
    If you want some beeswax I’ll drop you a few ounces over sometime; but I’ve used blue-tack before (on intaglio rings) as raw beeswax can be quite hard (I’ve yet to have a go at making sealing wax from beeswax – a small project there sometime maybe) I have found if you wet the item with distilled water first it gives a better impression and is easier to part from whatever impression agent you decide to use. Do take care though, old lead won’t release as easily as it would have done when new, so I’d try the old photo manipulation trick first myself, most graphics editors will allow you to reverse or mirror an image.
    Good luck with whatever you try, and well done on another great find; this type of seal matrix is still on my wish list!

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