Saxon Strap End!

My first real evidence of 8th-9th Century Saxon activity in the parish…and what a little beauty this one is….

This is an Anglo-Saxon zoomorphic strap-end of Thomas Class A, Type 2 . The attachment end is recessed to accommodate the strap, and  has two rivet holes. The front of the strap-end is decorated with an engraved geometric pattern within a linear border. The terminal is in the form of a stylised animal-head with rounded rearward facing ears and a blunt snout. Overall condition is fine with a deep patina present. There may be evidence of silvering on the reverse but I am not sure…



2 thoughts on “Saxon Strap End!

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  1. Stunning strap-end Dominic, well done. From memory it’s very similar to one of the ones we had from over the hill with CAFG, although yours is much less worn.

    1. Cheers Pete – as you know its amazed me that I had yet to find Saxon “stuff” this side of the hill but what with the Trem’ and then the Strap End…I have 6th through 9th starting to be found….just have to keeping swinging!!!

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