Ice Ice Baby

Popped out last Sunday, and despite the ice puddles and the clay so wet when you stood still you started sinking I found another interesting collection of buttons and ephemera. Then, as usual, on the way home….EVA, my Minelab E-Trac began to sing a beautiful song:


The Fitzwilliam gave me a preliminary review:

Edward III, 1351-1361 Pre Treaty Coinage, York Mint:


Edward III was a very sucessful king. He ruled for over fifty years in fact and, by the looks of it, this coin stayed in circulation for this long. It is very worn on the obverse (the side with the head on), but the reverse is in fair condition. What you will, dear reader, have noticed is the undoubted signs of clipping. Namely, that the coin is not round any more….some naughty fella or lass has trimmed the silver off the edge of the coin and left it looking rather ovoid in shape.

I don’t care…it’s a Hammie!


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