A while back I mused about getting a new machine….well, just before Christmas I treated myself to a new Minelab E-Trac. Every article I read said they were the best around…but it is always a bit of a risk, a lottery….a punt. I took the plunge.

I also felt there must be better finds out in my fields; my research is good, my field walking identifying good datable scatters…but the old Garrett 550GTAx, whilst finding some things was not to hot on finding the old hammered coins which we all love to find.

Well, thanks to a long Christmas Break and a farmer unable to get on to his fields, I started practicing with Eva (so named because she sounds like Eva out of WalL-E).

Bingo – in three trips of a couple of hours each – three fantastic hammered silver coins.


First King Stephen, 1136-45. It is WatfordType, BMC 1. 19mm in diameter.

You can just make out the legend  + STEFA RE[X] around the bust.

Next one is a Groat of Edward III,  4th coinage, pre-treaty period, Series C. Initial mark, cross 1.  This one is minted c 1351-2. It is a whopper too, having a diameter of 28mm.


Lastly, much smaller and much more worn, measuring just 18mm in diameter is Henry VI Hammered Silver Penny. Minted 1420-1430, bearing the legend: HE[NRICVS REX AN]GL.Image

As you can see the coin has been clipped in antiquity…a process where unscrupulous folk would trim or clip silver coins to shave off bits of the precious metal to….make more coins!

So…all in all a great Christmas…thank you Minelab….thank you Farmer and thank you Helen for letting me go out 🙂


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