The Missing Link!

Three years ago I was detecting on the boundary of David’s field at Merry Farm and found a large buckle, which was sadly broken, though it did retain its tongue which is unusual.

After some research on the net I discovered it was a TYPE IIIA – types which are typically square or rectangular double loops  and manufactured between 1400-1500AD.
Buckles of this form do not appear to be so commonly found. MIne is a number 97 which has two straight sides and the other two ends are of baluster shape.

Nice buckle I thought – shame its broken….

Last weekend, as I waited for the crops to ripen and the land I am allowed to detect on become available, I thought I would take a wander along the same field boundary where I found the medieval buckle, hoping, in all honesty to find a hammered coin…Instead, much to my delight, I found the missing link!

Medieval Buckle (1400-1500) - With Missing Corner!

She’s a little beauty isn’t she?!

I didn’t find any hammered coins on the outing but I have to say finding that little corner section made my day 🙂

...bottom right shows the corner I found three years after the main buckle was unearthed!



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