I know I have been wrong in the past but I think I just found my first Saxon artifact 🙂

Zoomorphic Head facing left
Facing right....(notice the nostrils and mouth around 4 o'clock)
....and it a horse?

This is a tiny little copper alloy ring measuring 13mm (excluding the decoration), in diameter. I do not believe it could have been a finger ring as it is way too small, but instead I would imagine it would have been used as a suspension ring of some description Its decoration is very worn but I am sure you can make out the eyes, nostrils and mouth of a stylized animal head. I think it most resembles a horses head, but that may be due to the elongation of the head as it reaches around the exterior circumference of the ring.

I have submitted the find for identification at UKFD and cant wait for them to give me their opinion, however doing my own research this small piece does closely resemble the stirrup terminal here, and here too .

The piece came from near the Church and as many of you know who have been following my blog, I have been very keen to find Saxon evidence in and around this area. If my suspicions are correct this piece would seem to date from the 11th or early 12th century – making it my first Late Saxon find!


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