I guess it happens to all detectorists – but even mild mannered Clarke Kents must get annoyed with this hobby…..Let me describe what is going on…

I live in a village that throws up evidence of every major epoch in British pre-history.  I have evidence of prehistoric, Iron Age and Roman  occupation. Furthermore I know there are nearby early Saxon settlements and   I know for sure that the village from a historical stand point goes back to least Norman times. However…..and this is where my angst comes from…… I am just not finding the type of coinage and artefacts that I should be.

Trust me, I have read widely on the subject and believe my technique with a detector is ok (I have taken on board some recently read tips from Norfolk Wolf on the subject). I research my sites well, and target my outings to places and features where there should be more vidence than I am finding…..BUT…and this is where I am getting annoyed, I know categorically there should be more finds than I am picking up.

Taking a deep breath this is probably due to:

1) Technique

  • Sweeping to fast
  • Discriminating too widely
  • Being too fussy on the signals I chose to dig

2) Soil conditions

  • Not a lot I can do about this one I guess, but the clay soil of this area, when not covered in snow, is usually waterlogged, or if we get two days of continuous sun shine baked harder than a Saharan camel turd.

3) Time

  • I get out every other weekend I guess for about 2-3 hrs, and reading about other hobbyists they seem to spend a day on a field so perhaps – perhaps – proportionally I find what I deserve to in the window of time I have available to me

Those factors considered, I guess my haul of artefacts and coins is “ok”. But I know that there must be more hammered coins out there, and I am confident in the locations I am looking for them. Why then am I not finding more? In 2 years I have one cut silver penny and one Elizabethan shilling. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for these wonderful additions to my collection and the insight it provides to the history of the village….but c’mon…..there’s 400 years of occupation between these two finds and somewhere, sometime, someone MUST have lost some more coins! But where?

There MUST be more than this...?!?

I guess I am going to have to ask to go on to other fields, but the ones I have been searching by all accounts should be delivering better results….Either that or I am going to have to start really considering how and why I am doing this….


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  1. What machine do you use ??? The settings maybe one reason why your not finding what you expect , there are infact lots of reasons why the finds are not reaching your finds pouch . High expectation on certain fields is a good place to start , sweep speed is another , sweep height , and discrim could be high on your list as well . The very next time you go digging turn your discrim on to zero and start detecting take.note of what is happening ,ie lots of iron signals etc . Tell me how infested your sites are with iron this may be another reason why your targets are masked by lots of irons , there are ways to see through the iron , email me and I’ll set your machine up for you . My ancestors come from the following villiages harlton , haslingfield, great eversden comberton and Barton . …. Mark

  2. Hi Dominic.
    I struggled to find hammered with the Safari for a long time. Most of the nicer things I was finding were at the lower audible range. Once I started digging the higher pitched tones that I’d gotten into the habit of ignoring my hammie recovery improved.
    You’re always welcome to come up to my test beds on the farm. Although they only include a single hammie, nobody who’s been before has failed to learn something about their machine.
    Peter D.

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