Things are not what they seem…Curiouser and curiouser!

My thanks to Ashleigh – a blog follower – for doing some great investigative work on the German Incendiary Device posting I made back in September. As you may have read, I had tentatively identified the find to a German bomb, but as Ashleigh has discovered, the fragment I found looks exactly like that pictured below…. not a German Incendiary but a 2 inch British Mortar shell
British Mortar Shell

The question is: How in heavens name did a British 2 inch Mortar shell find its way into a field in deepest flattest Cambridgeshire!

Was it part of a Home Guard exercise?
Are there any locals who remember war time practice in this field?
Does the fragment tie in to the Observation/search light deployment situated in a nearby field?
What else is in that field? (yikes!)

…Maybe I can find out more from the guys here

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