Bombs Away!

DR’s fields always turn up some interesting items; short cross pennies, crotal bells and buttons galore, but on my first outing on his field to the west of Wimpole Road this year I got a surprise when I uncovered the tail end of what looks like a German WWII Incendiary Bomb:

Inside of the end of the bomb the soil contained a burnt ash substance, hence I have included it in the photo graphs above. Researching the exact model of incendiary device is proving problematical, but I will keep trying and update this page when I know more. What is interesting is that the report of the Dornier Do 217E-4 which was shot down over Gt. Eversden on the 8th September 1942, mentions it was heading away from random bombing attacks on Cambridge…perhaps this is one of incendiary bombs it was dropping?

To read more on the Dornier Attack follow this link:


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  1. Hi There

    My friend who lives in Coventry found the tail to a device that is identical to the one you have found here, except the cap on the tail is intact (it actually unscrews).

    We too believe this must be some sort of German incendiary bomb but i am having little luck identifying the exact type.

    Have you had any luck yourself?

    Thank You

    Ashleigh Wright

  2. What a brilliant little blog site. This tailfin is definitely a British Mortar tailfin. Tons of these things seem to have been fired on the hills of South Cambs. The Dornier 217 that crashed at Orwell is extensively researched in my book War Torn Skies Cambridgeshire if anyone is interested. Furthermore it will also be a feature in Britain at War magazine….as a re-write article as recently I have just been given a photograph that allegedly shows the wreckage of this Dornier at Orwell. Best of luck to all detectorists out there thank heck that snow has finally gone…..Cheers Julian Evan-Hart

    1. I just read this and thought you might be interested to hear that i have one of the engines from the Dornier that crashed at Orwell. I am a resident of Fowlmere so it is still local! I would be most interested to gather more information about exactly what happened that night as i’ve only just started looking into it myself!

      1. Hi Dominic small world Ive just replied to your note on 12 Oclock High Forum. I live in Stevenage. I think what you must have is the boss and reduction gearing from the 1969 excavation via the old Essex Aviations collection at Duxford. The other boss and gear is as far as I know in my friend Peter Stanleys collection we dug the crahs iste in 1991. If you want to email me directly type Julian Evan-Hart into Google and check out a few websites my email address is featured on quite a few.
        Kind regards Julian Evan-Hart

      2. Thanks Julian, It’s certainly not the boss. It is a large chunk of the main crank case complete with most of the pistons and con rods and one complete piston liner with cylinder head still in place. I will email you directly when i track down your address. Dom

  3. Blimey I wasnt aware such another large section existed. It will be from the 1969 dig though as we cleared the entire crash site in 1991 and recovered the other boss and reduction gearing. I would love to see a photo of it sometime. My email addy is Have you seen my article on this Dornier currently in shops now in Britain at War magazine….Jules

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