First Saxon Evidence….?

Obviously, like every other detectorist and probably every British archaeologist, I long for the day when I can find definitive evidence of Anglo Saxon occupation – some clear pottery scatters perhaps or a yummy Saxon Sceat, or a Sutton Hoo-esque brooch or purse lid….however in the parish to-date I have found no definitive evidence what-s0-ever.

This is really frustrating as I know there was a major Saxon Tribe or Clan close by in Haslingfield – that is where the village takes its name from for example – “Fields of the Haeslinga”. There was even a significant Saxon cemetery excavated off of Canteloupe Road in the late 19th Century…so there must have been a sizable population in and around that village. The question that I have is where the dickens our Eversdens Saxons were living and farming….

I would imagine that the village Church, first recorded in 1092, would likely have been the focal point of the village so my investigations for our Saxon friends has concentrated around there, but their archaeological record is proving harder to find than I hoped. I may have found one clue however….

In the fallow field to the west of the Church and close by the boundary to the recreation ground I turned up the item pictured below….

...first evidence of Saxons in Great Eversden?
...first evidence of Saxons in Great Eversden?

Now, I admit it doesn’t look like much but when you compare it to strap distributor posted on the UK Finds Database and attributed to the late Saxon early Norman period (c. 11th Century) , the decorative styling looks identical, namely punched rings and dots around a central boss:

...look at the decoration and compare to my example...
...look at the decoration and compare to my example...

It is not to much of a stretch in theĀ  imagination to see the similarities between my find and that recorded from a fellow detectorist working in the Romney Marshes area in Kent. But is it Saxon? I guess I will have to ask the experts at County Hall to have a gander at the piece, but I have to say…if it is Saxon….I will be one happy hunter!


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