Perhaps the smallest and most captivating of my coin finds so far is the medieval cut half penny I found less than 1/2 mile from my house, last winter. Its a short cross penny made of silver and was minted in Bury St Edmunds probably by the moneyer “Simund”.

On the obverse you can make out the king with a neatly trimmed beard and hair, his fist holding a sceptre, and the inscription R/EX . On the reverse you can (just about!) make out the short cross with four pellets in each of the quadrants and the inscription SIM….NTE.


As I said its tiny weighing  0.5 of a gram and whould have had a diamtere of 18mm.  As its silver it has gone a muddy brown patina after being buried in the ground for 900 years or so , and though I am sorely tempted I wont be cleaning it as it is so fragile.


As to king/date nobody can tell me – it’s Plantagenet – but precisley “who” we dont know. The date range the FLO gave was 1180-1247. This covers:

Henry II 1154-1189

Richard I 1189-199

John 1199-1216

Henry III 1216-1272

…personally I’d like to see it as a King John example because then Gt Eversden would have a link with Robin Hood. Yes, I am an incurable romantic!


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