Medieval Casket Key

Here is a cute little find – a 13th-14th Century casket key, found in the field north of the Church, amongst a significant scatter of 12th-13th century pottery.

It is made from copper-alloy with a circular bow, pipe stem and simple bit. I can’t imagine it would have deterred a thief from breaking into a box of coins or treasure, but nevertheless probably gave the owner some sort of confidence, once his treasures were under “lock & key”.


In the same field I have found two 13th-14th century circular copper alloy annular brooches. Small penannular brooches are used to fasten clothing either at the collar or at the waist. Larger penannular brooches are called Cloak Pins as they are used for fastening a cloak.

They are both sadly missing their copper alloy pins and are very small  (having between 22mm and 23mm internal diameters). Nevertheless they fit in well date wise with the pottery assemblage and the casket key detailed above…once the corn is harvested and the field ploughed I will be back and see if there are any more “treasures” to be found there…..IMG_4462


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