Roman “Dolphin” Brooch

A few months back, before the corn got too high, I was able to get out on the tram lines Ed’s tractor had made whilst spraying the corn growing on the Roman site I have discovered (see earlier post). As you can imagine, the ground was well under cultivation and you couldn’t really get a good sweep going with the ‘detector but never the less I was very pleased to unearth my first Roman Brooch.Dolphin-Front

Its just over 4cm in length and of course made of copper alloy. The brooch head consists of two, short but with only complete semi-cylindrical wings and a shallow recess to the reverse which once housed the spring and pin mechanism, both of which no longer survive. You can see on the side view the hook which would have held the spring. The decoration is very simple,  a large central grooved line which tapers from the head to the foot of the brooch. Unfortunately the catch plate is broken and the pin is missing.Dolphin-Side

As for a date, well from what I have read I believe these type of “Dolphin” brooches date from the 1st century AD, which if this is correct is pretty significant, as all the coins I have found to date from the site date from the 3rd to 5th centuries….Hopefully I can find more of the same once Ed ploughs the field in a few weeks…I can’t wait!


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