Elizabethan Silver Shilling

Elizabethan Silver Shilling - 1599
Elizabethan Silver Shilling - 1599

I was amazed to find the Elizabethan Silver Shilling in the grounds of Church Farm a couple of days ago. I had studied the old courses of the footpaths across the village and postulated that folks to and from Church, would on occasion, have dropped coins and items as they went. Having gained permission from Liz & Terrence, I started to sweep the route of a now diverted path with their two grandsons and their father. Amazingly the second signal we encountered turned out to be the silver shilling which is in remarkable condition.

Whilst it is bent, the detail on the obverse and reverse is really clear and being silver there is not much cleaning to be done. It is 25.5mm in diameter and weighs approximately 6.0g.

I dont think I will have it straightened as it may damage the coin.

The rest of the search was rather uneventful (not surprisingly!), but the boys enjoyed themselves and I will return to the route of the footpath in the next few weeks to see what other delights may be hidden along the way.


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