The Archaeology of the Bourn Valley

Before the blog gets really going I think you all need some context as to what I am writing about and why I am writing it…

I studied Archaeology & Ancient History at Birmingham University concentrating on the prehistoric and post Roman periods of British history. During my time at University I worked on a number of high profile sites including the Roman Fort at Uttoxeter, Sutton Hoo, and  in Italy on the site of an Etruscan cemetery.

Leaving University with a 2:1, I first became an archaeological illustrator and then Field Officer for Hereford & Worcester County Council. During my three years as Field Officer I conducted numerous excavations and surveys on prehistoric and Roman sites, ran the Archaeology in Schools Project and led an outreach program organising site visits and lectures for the public.

My family and I moved to Cambridgeshire 15 years ago and for the past year I have been working with the Cambridge Archaeological Field Group undertaking field walking studies of the Bourn Valley.  Latterly Dr Susan Oosthuizen of Cambridge University and I have recently discussed the need to perform systematic analysis of the Bourn Valley in order to verify her theories that this area has been consistently organised, farmed and settled for over 3000 years.

In support of this theory to date I have been able to identify a hitherto unknown Roman Farmstead in Great Eversden, Mesolithic and Neolithic Flint implements from Hunter Gathering Camp Sites and 12th/13th Century settlement evidence again in Great Eversden.

My methods of research include the study of Ariel photographs, ancient map analysis, field walking and metal detecting.

I intend to use this blog to keep people who are interested in my research up to date and share a little of the excitement that goes along with various elements of my efforts. I will include as much info as possible but will respect the precise locations of the find spot sites in order that the landowners do not get annoyed with tresspassers and night hawkers. If you have any suggestions for content or need clarification on any matter please do not hesitate to post a comment.


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